Welcome on my wonderful journey of sharing the experience of my ANAHATAFLOW with love and present-moment awareness. To be allowed to write those words now, is one of the biggest gifts in this lifetime for me, while going in quick review of it...

Before allowing myself to reconnect to the real rhythm of my life - my anahata - I did master the fact of not feeling myself at all. Though I was experiencing all colors of life - most of those chapters were full of dullness and so filled with a lot AMA (Sanskrit: Toxin). Going through those chapters with an attitude of self-destructing disinterest - I was a shadow of myself, perfectly acting however, instead of being the wonderful expression of my true nature.

On the peak of my personal disaster, I checked out of my daily routine for three weeks and went to an Ayurvedic Village in Sri Lanka, without knowing what I would discover there at all. This rejuvenating unique ayurvedic treatment of the panchakarma (Sanskrit: pancha_five  / karma_action) combined with meditation & yoga transformed me and the direction of my life took on from that point! 

There, in a moment of silence and perfect cosmic timing, I've planted the „BIJA“ (Sanskrit: seed) to dive deeper into this timeless wisdom of powerful self-healing tools.  Now, while on my path as seeker of mastering the MAHA YOGA (Sanskrit: Great Yoga), I am devoted to witness and recognize open-hearted a teaching in everything, everyone, everywhere...

Truly blessed to dive into the teaching of the most renowned spiritual teachers of our time, started by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Davidji & the rest of my wonderful Chopra Center family, Sarah Harvey, Teresa Long, Trista Thorp, Claire A. Diab.. A huge MERCI goes to my great Vinyasa PranaFlow Guru and inspiration Shiva Rea and many other more local and non local...  

I am truly happy & honored to become your Mitra (Sanskrit: spiritual friend). I am devoted to give the best of me on the journey ahead, and to share all impressions and impulses with all the qualities of a friend that you interchange with truly and honestly. It is my holistic pleasure to support lovingly everyone I am allowed to connect with and having a sense of benevolence toward every single one, cultivating unconditional love, even to someone I meet for the first time, because in the path of Bhakti Yoga (Sanskrit: devotional Yoga) you are always honoring the One. 

As traveling yogini it is my divine as holistic pleasure and part of my dharma (Sanskrit: Purpose in Life) to share the JOY & BLISS of this universal wisdom, serving especially the children of this world, wherever I am allowed to be. I am personally devoted to support orphanage and do special anahata care with orphans, and abused children. 

Since I was allowed to awaken, with the innocence of my inner child, to my journey. Sharing those precious teachings also allows me to deepen my understanding as student of this timeless universal wisdom, and to be the living change I want to see in the world..

May my expression flow from my higher self to my core truth in healing expression. May my vac (Sanskrit: speech) be a living song of the highest good on the inner and outer level. May mantra chanting song poetry be the power of my voice in a sacred flow, that is beneficial to all. May the pure light of my anahata vibrate love, laughter, light and harmony in a flow of 108 cascades of blessings upon you.

Magali Devi

The seven spiritual laws of Yoga

Before we tune into the SSLY, I invite you to go deeper into Raja-Yoga; the royal path to yoga, for this is the basis for the SSLY Program

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Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers.

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Kaschmir shavaism

A blissful journey to explore the Inner Divinity, Supreme unity with the Universal Spirit with Dr. Virenda Qasi and Dr. Christopher Tompkins.

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Primordial sound mediation

At its most basic level, everything in the universe is sound or vibration. Primordial Sound Meditation is derived from the yoga tradition of India

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Letters from Christ

Christ explains origins of Christian dogma imprisoning people in mythical beliefs for two thousand years. He lovingly calls on seekers of Divine Truth to unite in creating an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.

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Perfect health

Ayurveda is Sanskrit and means Science or Knowledge of life (Ayus=life / Veda=science, knowledge)

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